Thursday, April 16, 2009

SQUARE DEAL Volume 4 : Mix tracklist : Free this Saturday night

All the originals from the night! Play them in your own home!

01. The Dynamic Concepts "Whatcha Want us to Do" (Smog City)
02. The Everyday People "Get next to you" (Soundtech)
03. Scacy and the Sound Service "Sunshine" (Scacy)
04. Les Tres Femmes "Listen to your Mama" (Phil La of Soul)
05. The Hustlers 1970 "You Can't Hide The Truth" (Soul Beat 1)
06. Mikey and his Mice "Much right man" (Samar)
07. Marilyn Barbarin "Reborn" (Bo-Sound)
08. Ike Turner "Thinking Black" (Pompeii)
09. Renaldo Domino "Let Me Come Within" (Twinight)
10. Warren Lee "Mama said we can't get married" (Deesu)
11. Chucky Thurmon "Turn It Over" (Thurmoe Blast)
12. Herman Hitson "Ain't no other way" (Sweet Rose)
13. Charles Pryor "Funky Junkie" (Double 07)
14. Freddie Wilson "What Would It Be Like" (Grandville)
15. Ray Frazier "I Who Have Nothing (Am Somebody)" (Stanson)
16. Rayfield Reid "Stick-Shift" (JSJ)
17. Tabby Thomas "Sugar Daddy" (Bullseye)
18. Inell Young "What Do You See In Her" (Libra)
19. Soul Chargers "My heart beats for you" (American)

SQUARE DEAL 12 : 1 Year old! New venue! Paul Sadot!


Sunday, February 15, 2009